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The famous film “Titanic” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role was released in 1997, capturing the hearts of millions of sentimental watchers around the world. And now, many years later, Bally released a Titanic slot machine game, where do you get 25 euro casino bonus dedicated to the cult drama. We think it’s useless to talk about the director James Cameron’s picture more detail, so we’ll immediately move on in a novelty that impresses with a variety of functions, stylish design and an amazing atmosphere in titanic slot.

Online casino with free bonus slots uk is a new trend – instead of people, the role of the croupier is played by mechanical machines. Company Paradise Entertainment Ltd has already presented to the public a robot dealer named Ming, who technically works with cards.

The robot was shown at an exhibition in Macau. He does not talk, but distributes cards according to all the rules, due to which he performs the role of croupier qualitatively. The new technology was liked by many owners of land-based casinos, and the batch of robots will soon go to the US.

The cons and pluses of robot dealers

Many owners of offline online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win australia believe that Ming robots will reduce their costs. After all, it will not be necessary to pay fairly large salaries to the croupier. In addition, the robot manufacturer will continue to improve them. So, the analyst-developer of Paradise Entertainment Ltd Christopher Jones assures that Ming will learn to speak. And then you can avoid embarrassing situations between him and casino visitors. For example, the robot will be able to tell the rules of the games like titanic games online

The players themselves say that the croupier machines will not be able to play along with some of the party members. And so you can count on a more honest game.

But it is true that these dealers will not give the player psychological support, which often helps to cope with the loss.

Some players do not perceive such mechanical croupiers. And they can be understood. Robots do not give that fullness of sensations when the game is played titanic slot machine or played with a real dealer. But there were also those who see the future in technical machines like titanic slot machine app. Therefore, disputes around robot dealers and people-croupiers will not go away for a long time.

General description of titanic casino game

Titanic slot machine is online free slot with five reels and twenty-five constantly active lines on which paid combinations are formed during the game. Fifteen pictures (5×3) appear on the screen at the same time.

The game has an interesting betting system. When you click on the corresponding button on the panel, a window opens where you need to specify the ticket price for the Titanic. If it is equal to one cent (bet per line) and you will get a ticket to the third class. Two, three or four cents open the doors to the second class. A bet of five cents per lane will make you a first class passenger.

In this case, if you activate the bet above the basic one, you will need to put an additional bonus amount, which opens access to the prize options (in particular, to the jackpots). In general, the spin is taken from twenty-five cents to two dollars.

So, we have chosen the most gaming machines for 2016. What will be the most profitable next year? Play online casino and take risks, your favorite slot will bring good winnings.

Players differently spend their wins in the casino. Someone starts up for charity, and someone pushes everything down to a cent. Casino offers several instructive stories about how you can squander your winnings.

Play titanic slot machine online:

A player who loved spending time on slot machines distributed about one million dollars to the needy.

As this player said, by the age of 40 he had everything. The man achieved success, became rich, having his own plane, traveled through the countries and rested in luxury rooms of luxury hotels. And then the American decided to help poor people, earning money for them by playing in the casino.

The benefactor even created his own website, where people send stories about their miserable lives and, as a result, receive help. For example, it is known for “Robin Hood 702” that paid debts to the American Kegler family the sum of 31 thousand dollars. They spent a lot of money on the treatment of their daughter who suffered from a brain tumor.

To lower money of the flock

But not all such noble! Priest John Regan had such a great passion for gambling that he could not resist their temptation. He collected 300,000 dollars of donations from the flock, changed into ordinary clothes and went to the casino. The priest let off all the money, since he was chronically unlucky.

Of course, he had to confess to what he had done. And after such a case, the Catholic Church strengthened the prohibitions for clergymen concerning gambling.

Spend everything on relatives

The history of this woman shows how you can easily miss your luck. In 1985, a resident of New Jersey Evelyn Adams ripped off the Jackpot. A year later, she again repeated her success, her casino winnings totaling $ 5.4 million.

After this, relatives began to move to Evelyn, and the woman willingly gave out all the money to them. But even millions end. Seeing how dollars are literally concealed, Evelyn Adams decides to play again. She goes to the casino in Las Vegas, where she loses all the money she once won on slot machines. Now the millionaire is forced to live in a small trailer in Atlantic City.

When she remembers her millions, she says that she would now dispose of them differently.

These stories make you think about how to manage the winnings. And what are you ready to spend money on? Play slot machines in our casino online, get huge winnings and spend time and money with pleasure!



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